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Zemeriel Evangeline Angaros
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The title speaks the truth :P I kyped this from KirasDarkLight because... Well, mainly because I can do Nyah :P

1.) Real Name: Zemeriel, DeviantArt says so
2.) Nicknames: Z, Zemie, Kitty
3.) Zodiac Sign: Gemini
4.) Male or Female: Ise female
5.) Nursery?: Da fuq batman?
6.) Primary School: Does this mean elementary? If yes then it was kinda crappy, mix a lil bit of catholic school followed by public school & being picked on & asked if I was a boy or a girl. If not... Then idk what you want from me here.
7.) Secondary School: ya'll need to specify what this means. I'm gonna assume this is high school... Which also sucked, I got picked on a lot for being ugly. Not much for friends, I had a small group of fantastic friends then my dad moved me to another state... Resumed antisocial behavior.
8.) Hair Color: currently platinum blonde & brown
9.) Long or Short: Long-ish, it's past my shoulders now which is longer than it's ever been since... Ever.
10.) Loud or Quiet: Quiet is nice, I don't like noise.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: jeans, I don't own any sweats
12. Phone or Camera: For what purpose? I need mah phone but I like to use a proper camera for pictures
13.) Health Freak: allow me to answer this after I down this bag of Doritos & pineapple soda
14.) Drink or Smoke: I've already been drinking so that obvious (I love you jagermeister, you understand me) & I kinda smoke. I have a vap cig I like to use but I enjoy cigars also.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: like... A real person or fictional characters bc I got a lot of anime gents to list then... For actual human beings... Yes, it's never gonna happen bc he's a famous musician/writer & lives in another country but yea... I'll be honest it's not a crush, I'm in love... Hardcore... No lie... It sucks.
16.) Political orientation: Independent, I like to keep my options open for which political party is going to screw me less.
17.) Piercings: the mandatory tongue ring & double piercings on the ears (so original I know)
18.) Tattoos: lots... I think 16 last I checked but I'm buried under a pile of cats & a dog so no go on the double check

19.) Airplane: Yes, a big plane & a little plane... Little plane is fucking terrifying... Just saying
20.) Car *Accident*: Not really, been in a lot of ditches due to snow but never damaged my vehicle or myself.
21.) Fist Fight: eh... Not really... I slapped my ex aunt-in-law which dropped her & proceeded to strangle her until the mother in law pulled me off of her... In my defense I let her hit me 3x before I hit back (I have a 3 hit rule, you have 3 chances to knock me out before I attempt murder)

22.) First piercing: my ears when I was a baby
23.) First Best Friend: a nice gal, met in 4th grade & still talk on Facebook since we live in different states.
24.) First Instrument played: A violin that belonged to my dads 2nd wife, I did not play it well mind you... And I still don't... Yet
25.) First award: Bloody hell, I don't know what came first. I was an over achiever as a kid; honor roll, award of merit from the city, presidential sports award, ect...
26.) First Crush: Uhhhh... My freshman year of high school... Assuming we are talking real people & not fictional
27.) First Language: English
28.) First Big Vacation: Hell if I know, I grew up in Florida & we drove up & down the east coast every summer plus we have a lot of amusement parks in Florida

29.) Last Person you talked to: My Son
30.) Last Person You Texted: My brother
31.) Last Person You Watched:  What the hell kinda stalker you take me for?
32.) Last Food You Ate: Doritos, I already mentioned this earlier
32.) Last Movie You Watched: just finished 'amundsen der pinguin' a German movie from 2003 I think... I watched it solely for Till Lindemann... God was he adorable
34.) Last Song You listened to: whatever the last song that 'Dead Horse Trauma' sang at the concert I was at earlier tonight
35.) Last Thing You Bought: CDs from the local bands at the concert
36.) Last Person You Hugged: ... This is an excellent question... I'll get back to you on that

37.) Food: it's a toss up btwn Asian & Italian
38.) Drinks: Pineapple Soda, Chai tea... All tea really, hot or cold... Hot or cold coffee too
39. Clothes: depends, I like corsets when I'm being snazzy... I like my jeans and hooded shirts... Not too terribly picky here
40.) Book: Beauty and the Beast
41.) Color: I like reds
42.) Flower: Orchids & Lilies
43.) Music: Everything from classical to country. Bout the only thing I can't listen to is straight screaming/guttural noises with no actual lyrics & "money money money bitches hoes money" rap
44.) Movie: Phantom of the Opera
46.) Subjects: Art, composition & mythology

47.) [] Kissed in the rain
48.) [x] Celebrated Halloween.  
49.) [x] Had Your Heart Broken
50.) [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone (I have unlimited minutes so Nyah)
51.) [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.
52.) [x] Used a Weapon
53.) [] Breathed fire  
54.) [] Had an Abortion.
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted  
56.) [x] Broke a Promise
57.) [X] Kept a Secret
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy
59.) [] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60.) [x] Pretended To Be Sick
61.) [] Left The Country  
62.) [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63.) [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64.) [] Ran a Mile
65.) [] Went To the Beach
66.) [x] Stayed Single

67.) Eating: Nothing, the Doritos have been vanquished
68) Drinking: Pineapple soda
69.) Getting Ready To: Unbury myself from animals so I can ascend my stairs into blissful sleepy time
70.) Listening To: Lindemann... & quite possibly the dog chasing bunnies in her sleep
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: I've been invited to an early thanksgiving din...
72.) Waiting For: a winning lottery ticket so I can quit my job, move to the country & focus on writing

73.) Want Kids: already got em & I have a bad reaction to child birthing where I die so I'm not too up & giddy for more chitlins right now
74.) Want To Get Married: Oddly enough yes
75.) Careers in minds: Writer/author

76.) Lips or Eyes:  Both but I'm a sucker for eyes
77.) Shorter or Taller: i prefer my men taller & ladies shorter but it's not a set in stone kinda thing
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: meh, romantic gestures are nice but full blown romantic is too much & spontaneous is scary. I like having plans. Plans and stability,
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: meh, not too terribly concerned about these
80.) Sensitive or Loud: which ever of these choices translates into "not a douchbag"
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: I'd like to stick with whichever one translates into "not a douchbag"

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: nope
84.) Ran Away From Home: Thought about it but never went through with it
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: I held it for reassurance bc I didn't know what was going to happen with the given circumstance but it remained cancelled & I never had to use it
86.) Killed Somebody: *cough*
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Yes... Can't even say I've only done it once... I'm a terrible person
88.) Been Arrested: Eh heh heh... Heh... *cough*

90.) Yourself:  No
91.) Miracles:  No
92.) Love at First Sight: Does not apply to demisexuals... Which I am, just to clarify that
93.) Heaven: Yea, I believe everybody has their own place. Heaven, Valhalla, reincarnation ect
94.) Santa Claus: Nope
96.) Magic: yes but keeping in mind it's more of an unseen force kind of thing like prayer or faith.

97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: God yes...
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: God no...
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: my "person" I'm gonna assume you mean my cat... And yes, he is nice. A good snoogler too

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:


Life is slowly starting to get back into order for me so I can do a lot more with getting involved in DA, family issues have finally subsided (kind of, they are still there but now no longer something I'm taking part in). The holidays & family get togethers are all wrapped up so here's to getting back on track for 2016!
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Holy Crap! I finally did it! :iconlegaspplz:

I've been meaning to ever since I saw snakes-on-a-plane do hers. :dummy:

So now I'll do the thing and have a hissy till others do it too :evillaugh: So to do that I will tag *eyeballs friend list thingy* KirasDarkLight (doooooo iiiiiiiit) and NexusYuber (I know you can't draw nexy but do it anyways :D )
Abigail sighed heavily as she leaned over the counter in the infirmary, her pen scratching away at the paper in front of her as she made notes in the folder she had open.

"Bones." A soft voice came up from behind her and set down another stack of folders.

"Hm?" She worked for a moment longer before turning to face the blonde haired girl. "Neddy–love, are those the last of the files?"

"Mmhmmmm, and Stitch is preparing the vaccines to dose everyone before dinner." She watched her teacher with a concerned look, she hadn't seemed like her normal self today. Everyone had thought she'd be in a better mood considering how well the forced checkups went this morning.

"Mm." She mumbled as she went back to writing. "We'll need to run the blood type tests as soon as possible, not many knew their type… And updated pictures for the files…and…" A warm hand on her own stopped her mumbling and she looked up to the girl again.

"Are you alright?" She asked a little worried. "You've been really down all day, did something happen?"

Her eyes got a little wide, she knew that she was feeling pretty down from what happened earlier but she didn't realize it was so noticeable. "I'm sorry for making you worry my love." She took the hand and gave it a squeeze. "I'm just tired."

She smiled a little and took both of the women's hands in hers. "Then you should rest, I'm sure you had it rougher than all of us completing the records for Mr. Killer and the Captain." She said with a little laugh.

"Shit…" Abigail groaned and gripped her face. "I never got to the Captain." She had meant to but with the issue that happened earlier she thought it best to give him some time to calm down so she came here to put some work in on all these folders… she completely lost track of finishing the Captain's records. "Where is he? I'll go and do it now."

"Uhmmmm…." She thought for a moment. "I haven't seen him all day come to think of it. Hey Kiss-chan." She turned to the girl with the dark green pixie cut. "Have you seen the Captain?"

"The Captain?" She thought for a moment. "I don't think he's left his room all day."

"Greeeeat." Abigail groaned, that must mean he's still in a crap mood. She looked up to the clock, it was a little afternoon… "I'll go now, prep a med pack with the vaccine. I'll give him the shot and take a blood sample while I'm there, no sense in having to try making him cooperate twice." Not to mention she doubted he'd want to deal with her any more than he had to.


Killer sat quietly on the bed, Heat and Wire were eyeing the log pose the Captain had set down on the work bench. They were all in here trying to figure out which route to go, none of the needles were particularly stable so it was going to be a roulette decision in the end.

Kid half-assed listened to what the others were saying but remained just as silent as his first mate, Killer had come to him and explained what happened but he was still pissed off about it. Why was it so easy to act like that with Killer? And for that matter why would she be nice to the other guys like buying that bracelet for Heat? His eyes went to the wrist of the blue haired man with the leather and silver bracelet he was wearing. Sometimes he would catch Heat fiddling with it… Why? What did she tell him when she gave it to him? Was it some kind of token of affection?... Fuck! Why did he even care…

A knock at the door drew everyone's attention as the door opened slowly. "Eustass-love, I need… oh." She blinked a few time as she registered everyone in the room. "Sorry… You're busy… I can come back…"

The four men exchanged looks, her tone was way off. "It's fine." Killer spoke up. "What do you need?"

Kid shot the man a look, he still wasn't entirely convinced what he saw earlier was purely innocent.

She held up a folder for them to see. "I just need to do his checkup, Eustass-love if the last one that needs it."

He grumbled to himself as he looked away, he thought these damn things were pointless. "I don't need it." He stood and walked over to the log pose, pointing to one of the needles. Not even paying attention to which one, he just couldn't look at her right now.

She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Please don't make this difficult, I'm sure none of us are in the mood…"

That response didn't help his temper at all. "Well I don't give a damn what you want."

"Master Kid." Heat spoke up. "I'll tell the navigator to head this way." He picked up the log pose and eyed the needle that the Captain pointed to, he figured it would be best to exit before those two got into another one of their fights again.

"Better than nothing." Kid had been eyeing that damn thing for a while and he didn't personally like any of the choices but they needed supplies. It had been longer than expected since that last supply run where they got the med supplies and the ship's resources were starting to dwindle.

Heat and Wire excused themselves, taking the pose with them and headed out. As Abigail stepped aside to let them pass Heat put a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright Miss Bones?"

She smiled weakly. "Yes, this morning was just… stressful."

"Next time." Wire spoke. "Let Needles know they don't have to tie up everyone for their checkups."

That made her laugh, she had forgotten that Neddy-love got a little over zealous this morning. "I will Wire-Love, I hope she wasn't too forceful with you." She teased.

Heat grinned a little. "It was Kiss that tied him up."

"Oooooh?" She gave him a devilish grin at those blushing cheeks of his. "I'll be sure to let Kiss know to be more gentle next time." She winked at him, personally she thought those two would look adorable together but there was that whole 'no relationship among crew members' thing.

The two men smiled a little and gave her a nod as they left her alone with the remaining men. She took a deep breath and turned her attention back to the task at hand. "Now…" She eyed the Captain with a sigh. "Are you going to let me do my job or do you want somebody else to do it."

"I don't need it." He turned his back to her and started fumbling with other things on his workbench, trying to pretend like he had something better to do.

"Kil-love, please talk some sense into him since he obviously won't listen to me."

"NO!" Kid yelled as he whirled around. "You do NOT get to play him against me!"

"I'm not!" She yelled back as she closed the distance and tossed her med bag onto the desk in front of him. "But he's the only person you'll listen to!"

"There's nothing to listen to! I don't need you to play doctor with me!"

"Don't you dare insult me!" She jabbed him in the chest with her fingers. "I can deal with a lot of your bullshit but I refuse to let you insult my pride as a doctor!"

"Enough you two!" Killer finally interfered. "Why can't you two ever talk like normal adults!" He raised his voice a bit, they did nothing but bicker every time they were around each other and flew off the handle at every little thing.

Abigail crossed her arms and looked away, she could hardly believe she was being reprimanded by Kil… "Fine." She said with a huff. "I'll send Stitch-love or one of the girls to do the checkup since I'm certain the issue is me." She turned away, biting her lip to stem the anger. Killer had a point… why did it always have to be like this…

"Hmph." Kid turned away as well, putting his hands on his hips and kicking a junk part away with a scowl. "Fine with me." Just what he needed… to be scolded by his first mate like a some damn brat.

"NO." Killer said firmly and went to her, grabbing her shoulders and turning her around. "You both are going to talk and deal with this before this issue gets any worse." He rubbed her lip with his thumb, it was a little red from her biting down on it. Hell, he was surprised she didn't break the skin.

Kid could feel his neck hairs bristling as he looked back and saw Killer touching her face like that. "There are no issues." He spoke through clenched teeth as he turned back around, his anger freshly renewed.

She looked away as Killer continued to hold her face, his other hand still on her shoulder. Why was he touching her so affectionately? Especially after this morning… Was he trying to piss of Eustass? Or was he trying to make a point? "Kil-love… it's fine."

"Deal. With. The. Issue." He repeated himself sternly as he locked eyes with his Captain. "Or I will." He let her go and took his leave, he didn't want to butt heads with him over this but something had to be done before this escalated any further.

The two remaining people stood in silence after the blonde left, neither making eye contact or even attempting to say anything. Finally, Abigail let out a sigh and turned away once more, there really was no point to this… "Stitch will do your checkup, he needs the practice anyways…"

Kid looked at her, clenching and unclenching his fists… Damn it all… "Wait." He said with a growl.

She paused a moment and looked back a little, his eyes were actually on her now. Damn, how did things get so awkward between them? "What is it?"

"If I have to do this… checkup… thing… then I want it to be with you… I mean I want you… to… Damn it!" He yelled as he began to get frustrated over his fumbling. "Just do the damn thing!"

She smiled a little, he was blushing trying to get the right words out. "Don't force it Eustass-love."

"Just… shut up and get over here!" He went to his bed and sat down, keeping his eyes on the ground.

She took a deep breath and went to her bag, pulling out her tools before opening his folder. "I'll try to make this quick… no promises on it being painless." She smirked.

He grinned a little but kept silent as she worked, he'd look at her from the corner of his eye… and couldn't help but notice how happy she seemed. What he said earlier came to mind… and how mad she got at him. It's then the realization came to mind that she got just as mad at him as he did with anyone who ever laughed at him for wanting to be the pirate king… Damn.

She wasn't entirely sure how long it took but his patience surprised her. From ears to knees he let her work without so much as a hint of a complaint. "Finished." She said as she drew the needle from his vein and gave the vile of drawn blood a shake.

"Why do you need that?" He held the little cotton ball to his arm as he watched her store the needle and vial.

"Various things." She answered as she secured them and made a few notes in her folder. "I can test for heart disease, blood count, and make sure you don't have anemia…" She produced another needle from the bag as well as a small vile, sticking the container and drawing out the clear liquid. "Currently I'm interested in figuring out your blood type so we can start getting donations set up to stock the ships blood supply."

He hissed a little as she stuck him with the needle. "You can smile a little less when you're sticking me."

"So sorry." She grinned. "But now that you've gotten the vaccine you are officially done, and seemingly healthy."

"Told you." He tossed away the little cotton ball and rubbed his arm, damn little shot stung. "So, are we done?"

She turned her attention back to her bag and storing everything securely, mainly to hide her smile. "Yes, yes. We're done." She held up a lollipop and gave it a little shake in his direction. "Since you were such a good boy would you like a sucker? I have stickers too."

He glared at her with his trademark scowl. "Ha. Ha. Ha." He said in an unamused tone.

She shrugged and pulled off the wrapper, sticking the candy in her mouth as she went back to closing up her bag. "With this I can, in full confidence, say the entire crew has completed their checkups." There was still so much for her to do, more than 75% of the crew didn't know what their blood types were and running all the tests on the blood for everyone was going to take a lot of time…

Kid's eyes stayed on her as she messed with her things, she really loved this stuff… it was kinda… nice seeing her like this… and seeing her play with that damn candy in her mouth… he took a deep breath. "Hey… Abby." He said as he stood up.

"Hm?" She made the noise without turning around, her mind still distracted by everything she needed to do once she got back to the lab.

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her towards him, his cheeks a little red. "About what Killer said…"

She felt herself blushing, he was being gentle right now… that alone usually made her feel weird but combining that with mentioning Kil was entirely new. "You don't…"

He interrupted her by pulling the sucker out of her mouth, built up the courage and pressed his lips against hers. It was awkward and forceful but he dropped the candy and cupped her face with both his hands.

Her eyes went wide, what was happening didn't entirely register and she froze. He was kissing her… clumsily but his lips were definitely against hers.

He pulled away just a little, still holding her face and his lips hovering above hers. "Consider this 'dealing with the issue'." He brushed her lips with his thumb, he knew they were soft from touching them all the time but to kiss them… he didn't think it would feel that different. "You're mine Abby, nobody else can have you but me."

Her heart was pounding so heavily she was certain he could feel it; she wasn't even sure how they made this leap… is what Kil said what pushed him over the edge? "This… how am I supposed to react to this?"

He blushed even heavier. "How should I know?" He growled a little. "But you're not allowed to say no, ever. All I need to know is that you're mine and nobody else is allowed to have you or touch you." He couldn't stand it, the thought of the purple haired bastard or even Killer having their hands on her. She was his and only his.

"You idiot." She whispered with a smile as she touched his cheek. "I'm a doctor, touching people is kinda part of the job."

"Do you ever stop arguing." He kissed her again, a little softer this time but pressed his tongue into her mouth. The sweet taste of the candy still lingered in there and when she returned the kiss he felt that ache growing again. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up.

She gave a little gasp of surprise as she hung in his arms for a moment before wrapping her legs around his body, she had been doing so good to resist. To keep this thing between them at arm's length but he just had to kiss her, that damn kiss sent them over and even as he moved and laid her down on his bed she did not even attempt to stop this from happening.

His lips left hers and traveled to her ear then neck, his hands covering her body and feeling every bit of her. He wanted to do this for so long, fought against that damn ache and its urges but he was done with that. "I'm going to make sure this whole damn ship knows you're mine." He whispered into her ear before his lips traveled downward, a wide grin forming as she made little gasps as he nipped at her skin and tasted her body.

A flash of black caught his eye, he focused on it and paused… his mark. His god damn mark on her hip… The only time he's ever cursed his own mark… Damn it.

She sat up a little, noting his hesitation and eyeing the thing he saw… the tattoo that Heat gave her… Damn it… She put her hand over it, she knew it wouldn't make it go away or change anything. She sighed heavily and put her forehead against his. "Eustass…"

He cursed himself as he put his hand over hers, wishing so hard he could make that mark disappear, he wanted her… but she was a member of his crew now. He couldn't break his own rule, not that one. "Sorry…" He breathed it so it was barely more than a whisper, what the hell was he thinking?

The ship gave a loud groan and lurched to the side causing them to both tumble, he fell backwards into his work bench with a heavy thud and she fell onto him with a hiss as her hand smashed up against the edge of the table in her attempt to catch herself.

"What the hell?!" They both exclaimed as they tried to regain themselves but the ship rocked once more and caused Abigail to roll away to the other side of the room, her med pack slid across the floor and she dove after it. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" She scrambled to close it before everything spilled out and all the vials broke.

Outside he could hear the wind beating against his ship, Kid steadied himself against his workbench. What the hell was going on out there? His door flew open just as he got steady footing and looked to Abby just as she did the same, cradling her pack in her arms.

"Captain!" A crewman shouted as he gripped the doorway to steady himself, a torrent of rain poured in as well and doused the floor.

"What the hell is goin on!" Kid yelled as he moved to the man's side and looked at the storm tossing his ship so easily.

"It's a squall sir." He stepped to the side and braced once more as the ship pitched. "It came out of nowhere!"

Kid cursed loudly as he eyed the sky warily. "Batten down the hatches, we can't afford to lose anything right now." Damn new world weather, it changes so quick and isn't like anything he'd ever seen.

Abigail secured her pack by stuffing it into a drawer on his work bench then going to occupy the spot the crew man left beside Eustass, she stepped under his arm and clung to his body a bit for extra support but the rain made him slick. She got soaked in no time and cursed her luck, her devil fruit powers would be useless right now.

"Something isn't right…" He eyed the sky as it went from black to an eerie green.

She followed his eyes to the lightening crackling in the clouds, she had more experience sailing in the new world than anyone on this ship and her gut told her that this wasn't just a squall. "How good are you at steering this boat?"

He eyed her with a grumble. "Nobody knows this ship better than me, why?"

"Take the wheel love." She pushed passed him. "I got a bad feeling."

"Captain!" Killer came up to them, grabbing the doorway above Abby's head to balance himself. "What are your orders?"

The ship rocked again and she fell against the blonde man with yet another curse. "We should get everyone below deck Eustass-love, we only need a man to steer the ship and enough men to mind the sails."

"Shouldn't we douse them? This wind could snap our masts!" Killer steadied her as he offered up the argument, he did agree with moving everyone off deck though. The last thing they needed was for someone to go overboard in this.

"He's right." Kid said with a grumble. "I can't risk the sails or the masts being damaged." Not when they are still far from any island and their supplies were already low.

"Captain!" The man at the helm called down. "I can't steer the rudder! The waves are lifting us out of the water!"

"Damnit!" He yelled. "Secure those sails!" He ordered as he dashed up the steps to the helm, grabbing it as it spun out of control.

"Tch!" Abigail scowled as she left Killer's grasp to help secure the deck, luckily there wasn't much up here but something was still eating away at her.


She heard the name and turned to see Stitch and Neddy doing a sideways run to her. "What are you two doing? Get below!" She ordered a bit concerned.

"Our people are securing the med room." Stitch said as he took her arm. "You should get below too."

"We know how you are Bones." Neddy said with a worried pout. "Let the others deal with things up here and come below with us."

"You two go, I need to check something." She waved them off and gave them a little push when they just stood there. "Go! I'll be fine!"

The two watched her climb the jacob's ladder with uneasy expressions but did as they were told.

"What the hell is she doing?" Kid eyed her as she climbed, her bright yellow flannel stood out and made it easy to spot.

Killer eyed her from the ratline above her as he helped to draw in the sails, the ship would rock and his heart would stop as she swung and clung to the rope with all her might. "She's gonna get herself thrown, what the hell is she doing?" She kept looking all around as she climbed higher, just what was she… his eyes caught something to the left, the rain was getting into his mask but he managed to catch sight of it again… fuck. "It's not a squall!" He yelled down to the Captain.

"Then what the hell is it?!" Kid yelled back, he could barely hear him over the wind and trying to control the wheel when the stern hit the water was difficult enough without dividing his attention.



The two completely different answers sounded out, the first from Killer as he pointed off the port side and the second from Abigail as she motioned to the right. Both parties hearing the other and looking towards the opposing observation followed by a string of curse words.

"Damn this fucking weather!" Kid added his own string of curse words to the others, what type of shit luck did he have to run into this mess?

Abigail climbed down which turned into a fall for the last six feet as the ship rocked once more and tossed her onto the deck, she stumbled to her feet holding the arm that took the brunt of the fall. She wouldn't be surprised if her whole damn side bruised up after that landing. Her feet took her up to the helm to stand beside kid as her eyes darted back and forth between the two obstacles. "Lower the sails!" She said breathlessly, she felt so weak. That fall hurt and all this sea water she was being doused with made her feel drained.

"I'll snap the mast if I do that." Kid shot back at her but gave her a once over when he noted the look in her eyes, she didn't look good at all. She was soaked with sea water but she still was trying to do her part… "Get below, I'll deal with this."

"Not if you reinforce them!" She yelled over the howling winds as the two storms began pulling the ship.

"Get below!" He yelled at her again.

"I'm fine!" She argued. "Just shut up and listen! I can steer the ship between the two storms, they are rotating in opposite directions! If we drop the sails at the right time they'll catch the wind and shoot us through!"

"That's crazy!" He yelled but damn it if she wasn't right, the whirlpool was turning clockwise and the hurricane counter. If he left the sails raised then the winds would push them right into the pool but if he dropped them too soon then those same winds would rip them off even if he did stabilize the masts… "Killer!" He yelled up to the man that finishing up tying down the sails. "Prepare to drop those! Wait for my mark!"

"The hell are you thinking!" The blonde yelled back down.

"Just do it!" His eyes scanned the deck and he saw his other two men. "Wire! Get below deck and have everyone bring me every last scrap of metal we have! Swords, guns, tables I don't care what it is!" He turned back to the woman, he really didn't like how she looked. "Take the wheel." He had to trust her… but he sure as hell didn't have to like it.

She slid in under his arm to take up his spot but as she did she gave him a quick peck on the cheek with a grin. "For luck, we're gonna need it!"

"If we die I'm gonna kill you!" He yelled as he went to the lower deck with a bit of a smirk.

"Aye aye Captain!" She smiled a little, things had been crazy since she first met this crew but this was the first time she really got to see them and what kind of crew they really were. Plus… she had to admit… Eustass really was a damn fine Captain.

Kid cracked his knuckles, hearing her say that made him smile… even if she was only playing.

As the crew started dropping the metal in front of him he used his powers to wrap the masts, layer after layer he piled on the metal as she steered his ship head on into the storm on the narrow path. He just hoped like hell this current will pull them like she claimed because now he was getting soaked and he didn't know how long he could keep the masts reinforced like this.

"We're ready Captain!" Killer yelled down to him, they could unfurl the sails on his cue. He just hoped like hell whatever crazy ass plan he had worked or this would be a very short trip into the new world.

As the ship was pulled into the colliding storms the heavy rocking subsided but the current grew more violent as it pulled on the rudder. "Shit…" Abigail cursed through clenched teeth as she used all her strength to hold the wheel, her arm still hurt from the fall and the damn salt water had drained her but she had to hold it steady. She couldn't lose control now, not now… not when Eustass was trying so hard to protect this ship…

A large arm reached past her head and grabbed the wheel, the tension eased up as she felt a body standing close behind her and an extra pair of hands held the wheel steady. She looked up with a smile to the blue haired man and took a deep breath to calm herself. "Thank you Heat-love."

He smiled for a moment to acknowledge her before returning to his stoic expression. "I will help."

She was grateful for it, she told Eustass to trust this ship to her but she didn't realize just how badly she was drained.

Kid gritted his teeth, he was soaked and getting worn out but they hadn't reached the right point yet. Just a little more, he had to hold out just a little more… "Now!" He yelled loudly.

The sails dropped, the crew working swiftly to secure them as they snapped open from being filled by the hurricanes wind. The two at the wheel grunted together as the ship was pulled in, if they let the rudder sway too far then they could be drug into either storm.

The masts strained and creaked under the pressure from the wind and Kid growled to himself as he adjusted his footing. He took a quick glance behind him to see Heat and Abby struggling with the wheel, above him Killer and the other men clung desperately to the ratlines and yards because none of them would dare try to climb down in this.

The ship picked up speed, tearing forward as everyone on deck strained to hold out. Just a little more… "Damn…" Kid grunted as he was hit by another wave and his power slipped for a moment. Just a little more… he pushed himself, forcing his ability to hold.

A cracking sound rung out moments before the ship shot out, propelled by the winds they were thrown faster than they had ever traveled before but the plan held out as dark skies opened into blue and the seas finally calmed as they left the colliding storm behind them. It took a moment but a triumphant cheer rang out as the men shakily came down to congratulate their Captain's strength, others from below deck that heard the cheering and felt the ship ease surfaced as well to raise their voices into the mix.

"Captain!" Heat yelled down to him.

Kid let the metal bracing fall in a loud clatter that drowned out all the other noise for a moment as he wiped sweat from his brow, that put more of a strain on him than he'd like to admit. "Hey! Killer! Make sure the masts are ok on your way down!" He called up to him but could see he was well ahead of him concerning the task.

"Captain!" Heat called out again. "Get up here!"

"What is it?" He yelled back as he turned, there had better not be another damn… his heart thumped heavily in his chest, so loud that it almost hurt, and his feet moved before he could register that he was running.

The blue haired man supported her body as she slumped over the wheel, his glasgow lips formed into an even deeper scowl as he eyed her, he didn't even realize anything had happened until she fell over once they got out of the storm… nothing, until now.

"What the hell?!" Kid shouted as he came up beside them. "What happened?!" Blood was flowing down the helm like little rivers and pooling onto the deck below them, then he saw the thin blade sticking out of her back where even more blood stained her shirt.

"Heh…" Abigail let out a weak laugh as she looked up, blood running from her mouth and down her chin. "I really… didn't think that plan… was gonna work…"

"How…" His eyes got wide as he saw other bits of metal objects sticking into the wood around them… it had to have been… that moment he lost control, a few things must have slipped free. He was so focused on the masts he didn't think to check on everything around him… "This is… my fa…"

"Shut it!" She gave a little growl as she cut him off. "Just get me… off this wheel…"

"Bones!" A collection of voices called out as a few medical crew ran up with Killer in tow.

"I saw…" The masked man started to speak but trailed off as he watched the two men lay her back and expose the sword that was buried to the hilt in her shoulder.

Stitch was beside her first. "Kiss! Go prep for surgery!"

The green haired girl said nothing as she took off, leaping from the top of the steps to land on deck and disappear below. She couldn't believe it… of all people to get hurt in this… why her?

The boy exchanged looks with Needles as the girl chewed on her lip. "Bones…" He said in a shaky voice as he eyed the blood coming from her shoulder. "I… I've never…"

"You'll do fine." Abigail grinned. "Don't… ah!" She winced a little as she tried to shift to support herself from laying back and pushing the sword back through. "Don't put me under, a local anesthetic will be fine."

"Don't be stupid." Killer argued. "You trained them so let them do their jobs."

Neddy took the woman's hand. "I agree; we can do this. Don't put yourself through this just to keep an eye on us, staying awake through a surgery like this…"

"Hush my loves." She interrupted the girl. "Consider this… your graduation exam." She offered up a blood stained smile. "Best be at it… this really fucking hurts."

Stitch took a deep breath to calm himself, he wished he could be as sure as his partner but… no, he could do this. "Captain, can you carry her to surgery for us. It would be too difficult to try and maneuver the stretcher around here."

Kid was looking at his hands… they were covered in her blood from moving her back… "Killer, do it." He said sternly without looking up… this was his fault… her blood was literally on his hands. Yea, he tried to kill her a few times… well, a lot of times but… but not like this… never like this. He didn't really want her dead…

Abigail reached out as Killer cradled her in his arms, her fingertips touching the arm of the Captain as he was turning away. She saw the look in his eyes, the way he stared at his hands and her blood… She knew what he was thinking, she thought those same things before. "Hey… Captain."

He looked at the hand touching him but he couldn't look at her, he paused a moment as lips moved in an attempt to say something but nothing came.

She smiled as she gave his arm a squeeze. "You were… really great, so get that crap look off your face."

He looked up a little shocked but only saw her smile for a moment before Killer turned and hid her body from view as he carried her away. "Tch!" Damn her! What the hell was she thinking trying to cheer him up when she's bleeding all over the place… "Clean up this mess and make sure the ship is ok, I'll be in my room…" He gave the order to whoever was listening, he didn't care who took care of what… he didn't want to be around anyone right now… his mind was racing, those damn feelings causing issues again. People got hurt all the time, he's seen worse. Hell, he's done worse… so why did that rattle him so much… why did having her blood on him bother him so fucking much…

Killer sighed heavily as he navigated the hall, his eyes looking down at her and that damn smile she still had. "What the hell Abby, I thought you were a logia type." His tone was soft and he doubted he could hide the fact that he was a little worried, usually when people had blades sticking out of them it was meant to kill them.

"I can't use my powers if I'm wet." She offered up the explanation as she poked his mask, wiggling a finger into one of the holes. "And knock off that tone brat… it's weird."

He grinned a little at her ability to still be saucy even with this wound. "You're gonna get your finger stuck again and I can worry about a crewmate if I want."

"Heh, ow." She winced a little. "Don't make me laugh, it hurts."

"You're the one laughing."

"You're being all… sweet. It's disturbing."

"Says the person who likes to stick their fingers in my holes."

She laughed loudly at that. "Ow ow ow!... Terrible word choice!... Ow! Ha! Ow! Ha! Bastard!"

"I win." He grinned behind his mask as she struggled to stop laughing, granted this was a serious moment but he couldn't resist. Besides, he didn't doubt that she'd be fine and pull through in no time… too damn stubborn not to.

"Mr. Killer!" Neddy yelled as she poked her head out of the door to the infirmary. "Stop hurting her!"

"Ah!" He blushed a little at being scolded by the usually shy girl. "Sorry."

To Be Continued…
Kid still rested on his bed, he tried to distract himself from the thoughts of that purple haired bastard with Abby by working on his projects or reading the paper but it didn’t do much good. Instead the project had a few extra dents in it and the paper was a crumbled mess… Damn it.

A knock caused him to growl, it had been hours since that man should have shipped out and he still wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone. “Go away.”

The door opened regardless as he growled loudly at the intruders. “I said…” His words trailed off as he sat up, the snarling died down as his eyes got wide.

“Hey…” Abigail smiled a little as she balanced a tray of food and drink in her arms while trying to open his door.

“Wha… what are you still doing here?” he shot at her. “I told you to get off my ship!”

She kicked the door shut behind her and walked into the room, laying the tray on his work bench. “Actually, Kil-love told me that along with the fact that you’re a shit liar.” She took the bottle and poured the whiskey into the glass before turning back to him. “You missed dinner so eat.” She leaned against the table and sipped on the drink.

“Tch.” He spat as he stood up. “Why are you still here.” He took the bottle and turned away, gulping the dark liquid down, he never thought that she would stay…

“Because I want to be.” She set down the glass and retrieved the bottle from him. “Don’t drink without putting food in your stomach, you’ll get drunk too quickly.”

“Hey!” He turned around and tried to snatch the bottle back but she dodged him. “Give that back!”

“After you eat.” She kept out of his reach with a grumble. “I need to talk to you but I don’t want to if you’re drunk!”

He growled again. “And who says I want to talk!” He shot back, he didn’t even know why he was getting so angry but he really didn’t know how else to react. He was expecting her to leave not bring him dinner.

“Then don’t talk and just listen for once!” She slammed the bottle down in agitation, why is it always fighting with him.

“Why should I?!” He growled, his devil fruit ability crackling around him causing the bolts and smaller bits to levitate around him.

“Because I’m trying to ask nicely!” She yelled back. “Why can’t you just let me be nice to you!”

“Because it’s weird!” He blushed. “We aren’t supposed to be nice to each other! I try to kill you and you try to kill me! That’s how it works!” He yelled at her, things were so much easier that way… then these… these damn…. Feelings started happening…

She rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to fight back the growing headache that he was so good about causing. “Just give me a little bit, I can talk while you eat then we can do the whole kill stabby thing. Ya?”

The bits fell to the ground as he took a deep breath. “Alright…” He walked over to the tray and grabbed the bread and bowl of soup then sat down on his bed. “Get to talking.”

She sat down next to him with a sigh, he always made things difficult. “I want to become a Kid Pirate…” She said it plainly but kept her eyes on the floor boards.

He choked on the soup he was drinking and turned to her wide eyed. “Wha… huh?!”

“Don’t make me repeat it.” She felt her cheeks burning and looked away. “I… want to be here… on this ship… with you… you all. All of you.”

“Ah…” He focused on the bowl in his hands, did she really say she wanted to be with him? He heard her stutter and mess her words up… “Why do you want to be here?”

“I already said it!” She stood and retrieved the glass she had filled.

“No you didn’t!” He stood and practically tossed the almost empty bowl onto the table. “Damnit woman!” He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face him, her cheeks were a bright red. “Make sense!”

She stepped into him to hide her face in his chest, it felt less… awkward to hide her face from him. “Just shut up and let me stay…”

“No.” He said as he lifted her face up to him.

Her eyes got wide. “What?”

“I don’t want you to be part of my crew…” He cupped her face, stroking her lips with his thumb.

She bit at the finger, her teeth snapping together as he pulled his hand back. “And why can’t I join?!” She yelled, she could feel her eyes burning a little as if she was about to cry. “You think I’m not good enough for your crew?”

“Shut up…” He held her face. “Don’t say stupid things…”

She struggled in his grip, this was turning out to be a waste of time and it was only pissing her off. “This was pointless…” She should’ve known that it would turn out like this. “You can leave me in the next town we find…” Her body continued to fight against him but he wouldn’t let her go. “Damn it… let me go!”

He fought to keep his hold on her. “Stop… struggling damnit!” He turned her and they fell backwards, she hit the bed with most of her lower body hanging off of it and his hands gripping her shoulders to pin her down as he stood above her. “I’m never letting you go! You’re mine! Do you understand me!” He snarled at her. “You’re not leaving this ship! And you’re not joining this crew!”

She kicked at him as she continued to fight in his grasp. “You’re not making any damn sense!”

“If you’re part of this crew then we….” He stopped what he was about to say, a little frustrated growl escaping his lips. He let her go and stood up, diverting his eyes and turning his attention back to the bottle. He didn’t want to say it out loud… he wanted her but if she was a member of his crew then he couldn’t… he refused to let that rule be broken.

She gave him a confused look… was he talking about… no way. “Eustass-love…” She adjusted herself to a sitting position.

“Enough…” He sighed a little, he couldn’t deal with this anymore… maybe it would be better. “If you want to join us… I’ll talk to Heat… He’ll give you my mark.”

She chewed on her lip a little, her resolve to join the Kid Pirates was already being tested… would it be a bad thing though? To take his mark and make sure nothing could ever happen between them? She liked him, that was obvious but she knew it would only cause problems and it’s not like he really knew anything about her or vice versa… “I’d like that.” She took a deep breath and stood up. “I want to be a part of this crew.” When she said that it almost sounded like she was trying to convince herself now.

He chugged the bottle, trying to calm his nerves. This wasn’t how he planned his evening going.

“Please eat something.” She said as she stood and reassembled the bowl and bread he tossed onto the table. “The cooks made this just for you since you didn’t eat, it’d be a shame to waste it.” Her voice was almost a whisper, he had a knack for making her feel like crap.
“I’ll eat.” He set down the bottle and grabbed the bread. “Do you need anything else?”

“No, I’ll head back to my room now.” She kept her eyes away from him, this was what she wanted after all… even if it meant…

He didn’t turn to watch her leave and he took a bite out of the bread… this would be better. He didn’t need to let himself get distracted from his goal… He was going to be the Pirate King and he didn’t need any diversions.

A few days had passed since that conversation and still she felt… almost bad. Her and Eustass had barely spoken, hell… she had hardly even left the lab but she played it off on needing to complete all these medical records… which was sorta true…

“Eeeee!” Came the gleeful screeches of two familiar blonde and green haired girls. “Bones! Bones! We just heard!” They came up to either side of her and hugged her shoulders as she sat there.

She smiled a little with a weak laughter. “So how did you girls hear, hmmmm?”

They giggled together. “It’s being gossiped about all over the ship.” Kiss said.

“Stitch told me because he over-heard Heat telling Killer.” Neddy said. “Can we see it?”

Abigail smiled a little as she leaned back a little and lifted her shirt a little to expose the black mark on her hip, it was the simpler jolly roger design with the nine spikes around it… it kinda reminded her of her own. “It’s nothing that special.”

“Yes it is!” Kiss smiled as she knelt down to inspect it. “This means you are really one of us now! And I heard it was Mr. Heat that gave it to you!”

“Doesn’t he tattoo everyone?” She asked a little confused.

“Nope!” They both said with a smile.

Neddy hugged the woman around her neck. “And we are planning a really big party tonight just for you! So you need to hurry up in here and get up top!”

“Up top?” She looked at the clock. “Is it getting close to dinner time already?” Wow, she must have been really distracted…

“Come on!” Kiss said with a smile. “I know you really want to finish these records but Needles and I came up with a reeeeeally good idea to complete all these.”

“Oh?” She gave them both a smile. “And what have you little loves been plotting?”

The party was in full swing, torches lit up the deck and make shift music played while the crew sung loudly. Abigail laughed as she danced with the other girls… or attempted to anyways. Her dancing was more like a ‘ring around the rosies’ dance hand in hand with the other girls… and without the falling down part, just yet.

Killer grinned from his customary spot with Kid and the others, he hadn’t seen everyone this rowdy in a while… not since the last big fight they had at least.

“She looks very happy.” Heat said as he drank from his mug. “And the girls have bonded with her well.”

Wire smiled a little as he watched them. “Did they ever tell you how much they appreciated you letting them set up a girl’s dorm on the lower decks?”

Kid grunted as he drank from his mug, it was mentioned to him by one of the other guys but he didn’t care… he only did it to prove Abby wrong, the shit she said to him in the bath that night really pissed him off… as if he didn’t know how to treat a girl… girls… whatever. His eyes kept darting back to her as she danced, that smile was genuine. He knew she was enjoying herself and everyone was happy about her being an official member of the crew… everyone but him.

Abigail fell down with a thump and the girls piled onto her sharing a giggle. “Ah I can barely keep up with you loves.” She said with a smile as she tried to catch her breath.
“Hehehe.” Kiss smiled. “And the rest of the crew is drinking quite a bit.”

Neddy giggled a little as she looked around. “Everyone but us medical personnel.”

The older woman looked around with a grin this was a very sneaky plan the girls came up with and she had a feeling it might turn out a lil fun. She looked up to the men sitting above the rest of the crew, the Captain was the only one not smiling and he caused her own to falter for a moment… He really didn’t want her to be a crew member… but what else could she do?

A knock at his door caused the blonde man to look up with an arched brow, his head hurt like hell and the knocking wasn’t helping matters.  He grabbed his mask and slipped it on with a sigh, who the hell could be bothering him this early in the morning? Another damn knock came as he pulled his shirt on but left it unbuttoned as he grumbled a “Come in.” Was the sun even up yet?

A shuffling of dishes along with a few mumbled curse words came from the other side of the door before it swung open.

“Abby?” He asked as he walked over to give her a hand, she had a folder clenched in her teeth and was attempting to balance a tray with a pot and two cups on it as well as a small bag hanging off her arm. “What are you doing?” He asked as he took the tray before she spilled it all over the floor.

“Trapping you, kil-love.” She said as she pulled the folder from her mouth and wiped away the drool.

“Huh?” He stood there a little confused as she shut the door and eyed him with a weird little smile which did not make him feel at ease what so ever.

“You’ve been avoiding my checkups.” She said as she waived the file at him. “So I’m here to give you one whether you like it or not, you and every other pain in the ass that’s been avoiding us.”

“Ah.” He could hear some noises now, almost sounded like screaming… so that’s what was going on, tricky brats let everybody get drunk so they could sneak up on them and force them to complete the checkups. “You could’ve just asked.” He said as he set the tray down on the table beside his bed.

“I did, multiple times.” She walked over, tossing the folder onto the nearby table then giving the blonde a shove to make him fall back onto his bed. “Now sit and let me do my job.”

“Whoa!” He exclaimed as he fell back. “Come on Abby…” He gave a little groan but conceded. “What time is it anyways?”

She gave a little shrug as she pulled a stethoscope from her medical bag. “Sometime before dawn.” She said nonchalantly as she placed the earbuds in and held the chest piece over his pulmonary valve to listen to his heart.

“Tch! Damn thing is cold!” He winced a little as she put that ice cold thing on him. “Why are you doing this so early?”

“Shh!” She hushed him and remained silent for a moment longer as she moved the piece over his chest. “We thought it would be best to trap you trouble makers before you got out of bed. Stitch-love and the others are handling the rest of the crew.”

He watched her as she listened to his heart beat, she had such a… content look on her face. Now that he thought about it he had never really seen her working before… “Don’t you think pre-dawn is a bit early though?”

She smirked a little as she shifted and pressed her stethoscope to his back. “In all fairness, you were already awake and I did bring coffee… Breath in.”

He took a deep breath and thanked god he was wearing a mask so she didn’t see how rosy his cheeks were getting, she was pressed up against him as she reached up under his shirt to move that thing around. It wasn’t like he never had a woman before but for some reason it was a bit different with her just being close like this. “We could do this in the infirmary you know.”

“Nope, had your chance with that.” She pulled the ear buds out and hung the tool around her neck before jotting down a few notes in his file. “Now you get to deal with me in all its awkward glory.” She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him so he was laying on his back. “Lay still, abdominal time.”

“What the hell!” He tried to sit back up but she pushed him down again and began pressing on his stomach, he wished he understood what this all was for other than making him feel weird.

“Hush.” She scolded him with a smirk, when she finished she grabbed the folder and sat back. Writing down more notes and flipping through the pages. “Keep behaving and I’ll give you a sucker.” She teased as she set down the folder and poured two cups of coffee. “Any chance I can get that mask off for an eye and throat exam?”

“Ha ha.” He said as he sat back up and adjusted his shirt that was now hangin off one shoulder. “And not a chance.”

“Stubborn.” She mumbeled as she pulled out a tape measure. “Lose the shirt.”

“What? Why?”

“This one should be obvious.” She held up the tape measure. “Need to track the growth of you growing boys.”

“Come on, is that really necessary?” He sighed, he really wasn’t sure how he’d deal with having his body measured by her… and what parts of him need to be measure exactly?

She laughed a little at that. “Not really but you’re being a brat so I figured I’d go the whole nine yards, ya?” She teased him with a grin.

He rolled his eyes at that. “It’s too early for you to be this ornery.”

“Fine.” She said a bit melodramatically. “I can just do it when you’re sleeping.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, are you up to date on your vaccinations?” She changed the subject as she took a sip from her cup and handed him one, dropping a straw into the dark liquid as he took it.

“No.” He slipped the straw through one of the holes in his mask and sipped cautiously so he didn’t burn his tongue.

She put a mark down in the folder and took another drink. “You’ll need to go to the med room later then, if you don’t then know that I’m not above shooting you with an injection gun while you sleep.”

He chuckled a little at that. “Alright, alright. So am I healthy?”

“As a thorough bred horse my love.” She did need to take a blood sample but they could get that when he got his shot later, relaxing a bit she closed the folder and tossed it beside her bag on the table.

“So who’s next on your torture list?” He asked as he set down the cup and began to focus on finishing getting dressed.

“Just Eustass-love, I figured I’d handle the worst of the bunch while the others deal with the regular crew.”

“You make it sound like I’m a trouble maker.”

“Oh you are.” She grinned. “Quite possibly the worst patient ever.”

“You’re a shit liar.” He said with a smile.

That made her laugh. “I happen to think I’m an excellent liar.”

He grabbed his red sash and began tying it around his waist. “You know, for somebody that wanted to be a part of this crew you’re doing a crap job at convincing me to trust you.”

“Ah, damn.” She sighed excessively. “I see you’re immune to my charming wit.” She set down her mug with a mischievous grin. “Are you susceptible to bribery? Some form of baked goods, ya?”

“No ‘ya’, I don’t like sweets.” He sat back down and reached for his boots. “Besides, if it doesn’t fit through these holes then I can’t eat it.”

“What’s with this damn thing anyways?” She reached over and slipped a few fingers into the holes of his mask and pulled his face towards him. “What are you hiding under here?”

“Hey!” He exclaimed as she got him off balance. “What are you…! Get your finger out of here!” He tried to pull her hand away but she brought her free hand up to slip more fingers into the holes so he could only see bits of wiggling appendages and light.”

“What? I’m just sizing the holes so I know what you can eat.” She teased as she flicked her fingers about in the mask, occasionally touching skin.

“I’m going to bite them.” He struggled with her and caused them both to fall over, he landing on top of him with a laugh.

“That’s a terrible idea, highly unsanitary considering you have no idea where my hands have been.”

“Come on! That’s just nasty!” He fought with her more but it was awkward considering not only was her hands assaulting his mask but her body was pressed up against him. “Will you let go!” He tried not to smile but it was a little funny and kind of nice to have her acting so playful… even if she didn’t entirely realize how she was moving against him in their play fight.

“Hush, this is for science!” She laughed, it was nice to see him acting to spirited. It was a nice change of pace from his usual serious demeanor.

“That doesn’t even make sense!” He grabbed her waist and went to lift her whole body up and off of him but she froze a bit and made a little squeaking noise. “Wait a second… are you ticklish?”

She bit her lip and fought the urge to squirm as he tested the theory by moving his fingers against her sides. “No… No idea what you mean.”

He grinned with a little victorious chuckling. “Payback time.”

She laughed nervously. “Now now, no need to…” Her sentence was cut short as she let out a shriek and body jerked under his tickling. “Cheating!... You’re cheating!” She gasped between a spurt of hysterical laughing.

He couldn’t help but laugh, who would’ve thought she was ticklish. “Remove the fingers and I’ll stop.”

“Alright, alright! You win!” She pulled her hands away but they didn’t budge. “Oh no! I’m stuck!” She stared at her hands wide eyed, what are the odds.

“Are you fucking serious…”

Just then the door flew open and they both froze as they eyed the body taking up the space in the doorway with a look of sheer murder on his face. He was only wearing his trademark black and yellow pants as if he’d just woken up.

“God damnit!” Kid yelled. “Why the fuck is there…” He looked over and saw them there. “So much…” Everything slowly registered. “Noise…” Killer’s hands were… and she was… “This… Early…”

“Ah, Eustass- love.” She smiled weakly as she realized her rather... indecent position straddling Killer’s body. “This really isn’t as bad as it looks.” She could tell from the expression on his face what he thought they were doing but it was much more innocent then it looked.

Kid gritted his teeth. “It looks like you’re wrestling with my first mate and his hands are all over you.” His hand was still on the door knob and the metal creaked as his grip tightened, seeing them like this… really pissed him off.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times, trying to find the right words. “Well, this is… apparently exactly what it looks like but not exactly...”

“Kid.” Killer spoke the name but even he was having a time trying to think of the right words that wouldn’t make this seem like anything other than what it really was. “We were just playing around, nothing was happening…”

That didn’t help his mood. “Then by all means keep ‘playing’!” He spun on his heel. “Like I give a damn what you two do!” With that he slammed the door behind him and stormed back to his room, this day was already shit.

“Eustass-love! Wait!” She called out and tried to go after him instinctively but she was stuck good.

Killer sighed, this was going to cause issues and he only had himself to blame. He shouldn’t have let himself get to playful with her, that fact alone was bad enough without adding the fact that he knew full well how much Kid wanted her… He sat up abruptly which didn’t help the matter at all considering her body was now fully against his. “Close your eyes.”

“Wha… what?” She stammered a bit, this new position forced her to realize just how… close they actually were.

“I’m going to take off the mask so we can get you unstuck, so just close your eyes.”

“Ah, ok…” She did as she was told and heard the faint clicking noises that must have been latches being undone then felt the mask and her hands being moved away then she felt his hand over her eyes. “I’m not going to peek…”

“I know…” He sighed. “I just… I’m sorry.”

“Wha…” Her question was cut short as she felt his face close to hers, his breath against her lips as if he was hovering his own above hers.

For a moment he considered it… he never realized how much he wanted to before. But now… with a sigh he shook his head and reached passed her, his hand slipping beneath his mattress to pull out a little bottle. It was going to be a bit embarrassing but he didn’t have anything else to use.

A strange liquid was put on her fingers and she could feel him rubbing it against the digits carefully. “Ah… what are you using?” Even though his hand wasn’t over her eyes anymore she kept them closed, she just wished she could get her cheeks not to burn so much. She still sat on his lap and she couldn’t help but feel him beneath her as she straddled his lower body, she couldn’t believe she was letting herself get to flustered over something like this…

He blushed a bit as he worked a finger free. “It’s my… ah… it’s my lube.” He felt his cheeks get hotter, it was stupid really. He was a grown ass man, there shouldn’t be any reason to let this bother him… and yet here they were.

“Oh.” She simply said as she tried to keep herself from blushing even more, what the hell. Why was she letting something like that make this worse? She was an adult and it should be expected for him to have something like that… great, the thought of Killer masturbating was the last thing she needed to be focusing on right now…

He worked another of her fingers loose with a sigh. “Look, I’ll show up for my checkups from now on so… so you don’t need to make any more house calls from now on.” He felt a little bad saying it, he knew she was only here to do her job and he had to admit… he liked her. Probably a bit more than he should considering all the factors involved but… it wasn’t worth it. As much as he thought he could really get to like the idea of making her his girl… it just wasn’t worth it to cause issues with Kid over.

“I understand.” She frowned a little but she knew why he said it, as much as she liked the idea of getting to know Killer better it was becoming painfully obvious that they should keep their emotions strictly professional. It was bad enough that she had feelings for Kid, it would make things so much worse if she started to feel the same towards Killer…

Stupid hearts… acting out on their own without any regard for the people they are messing with.

To Be Continued…
A soft little moan escaped her lips as his fingertips traced lines up and down her spine. "No starting anything Simon-love…" She said with a little smile. "We don't have the time to entertain your stamina."

"Well you're no fun." He joked as he laid beside her on the small bit of furniture she claimed was a bed, enjoying the feel of her bare skin beneath his hand. God how he missed this. "Why won't you accept my offer…" He sighed a little as he continued to rub her back.

"Simon…" She said his name softly as she turned her head to face him, her eyes met his violet one then moved to gaze at the milky eye he was blind in… She rolled a little so her body was facing his, the bed was only meant for one person so they couldn't help being pressed together, she touched his face gently with a sigh. "Let's not ruin the good moment we're having, ya?"

He took the hand and kissed her wrist tenderly. "I'm serious Abby, let me protect you. I could take you off this ship and keep you safe…"

She kissed his cheek with a smile. "And all I'd have to do is give up my pirating ways, ya?"

"You know I hate pirates."

"And yet you love me." She smirked.

"That's different…" He grumbled

"And what about Sam? He took over my ship when I left so that would make him a pirate, ya?"

"That's also different." He poked her in the ribs for being a brat. "He's been staying out of trouble, unlike you, and he only takes down other pirates."

"Hmmm, his parents must be so proud." She teased and she rolled her eyes at his lecturing.

He smiled at that. "Oh, I'm sure they are." He kissed her deeply, pushing her onto her back and leaning over her before breaking the kiss. "Please Abby…" He whispered. "Come back to Bala Bala island with me. Lu would love to see you again."

"And bring more trouble to the Island?" She gave him a skeptical look. "I miss Lu too but she's been through enough."

His lips moved but the memory of that night flooded back to him… he shook his head and pushed the thought away. "That won't ever happen again, we're more prepared now than ever…" He'd never let that night happen again… not ever… "Besides, that man only wants female Captains, he won't…"

She hushed him with a finger to his lips. "I won't risk it." She said sternly. "We both know he doesn't care if I've stepped down, he cares that I got away."

He gave a defeated sigh as he kissed her forehead, he hated it when she was right. "You're stubborn."

"I thought that was just part of my charm." She said with a smile.

He poked her again and shared a laugh, God how he didn't want this to end… but he knew he was losing this argument. He sat up with a sigh and looked around for where he tossed his clothes… "So, tell me about this crew and it's oh so charming Captain." Ah! There's his pants…

She followed his lead and sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed and reaching for her clothes. "They are good people; I've genuinely enjoyed getting to know them. Especially my Neddy-love, she's so smart and picks up on the studies quickly…"

"Ah ha!" He said with a big smile as he slipped into his jeans. "So that's what's goin on."

"What are you talking about?"

"I can hear the tone in your voice."

"What tone? I don't have a tone."

"Like hell." He teased. "You can't resist being a teacher, that's why you want to stay isn't it."

She blushed a little, he really knew her so well. "That's part of it."

"Oh?" He gave her a mischievous grin as he hugged her from behind, she only had her pants on and she looked too good. "And what's the other reason?"

She leaned back into him with a sigh. "I'm curious… I want to see what happens with this crew and his… their dreams…" Damn…

He frowned at that. "This Captain… you're attracted to him."

"How about we use a very loose definition of the word 'attracted' ya?" She turned to face him. "Base emotions aside, he's passionate about his dream and this crew believes in him."

He grumbled a bit as he let her go and put on his vest. "He's violent, putting aside all the people he's already killed, what happens when he turns on you?"

She gave a weak laugh as she went back to the task of dressing, she wasn't particularly wanting to let him know about her already violent 'relationship' with the Captain. "You know I can take care of myself, Simon-love."

"Regardless." He muttered as he started digging through her covers to find his eyepatch. "You're free to do as you like, as much as I can't stand it…. Where is that damn thing… just be careful and for the love of God call me if you're ever in trouble."

She smiled softly as she picked up his elusive patch from her desk. "You're being a mother hen again."

He took the bit of fabric from her a put it on with a sigh. "If you don't like it then let me be your damn husband."

"So you can go full blown worry wort on me?" She joked halfheartedly, she tried to be that for him… she really did… "Come on, our time limit is almost up."

"Yea…" He sighed a little as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a package no bigger than the palm of his hand. "Best not forget this though."

"Oh, I forgot about that."

"I take full responsibility for that." He said as he kissed her cheek with a grin, which was true and he didn't regret it in the least. He set the package onto her bed and slipped off the sea prism ring he wore on his left finger, he touched the package and with a little 'pop' and bit of smoke it returned to its true size which was a little less than half the size of her bed.

She watched quietly, his Tiny Tiny devil fruit ability always amused her but it's what made him the best smuggler in all the seas. She reached down and grabbed a long thin bundle carefully wrapped in purple cloth, she opened it with a growing smile her eyes scanned over the violet to black gradient sheath adorned with white crosses. She missed the feel of her katana in her hands.

He smiled as he watched her, that sword might as well been her own arm. "Don't forget these." He slid her glasses onto her face. "You should wear them all the time, they make you look adorable."

She smirked at that. "Adorable or not I don't need to wear them all the time." She took them off and set them on her desk. "What else do you have for me?"

"Just the usual; Books, some more clothes and…" He picked up a small rectangular box. "A gift." He turned it to her and opened the box so she could see it. "From Sam and I."

"It's lovely." She looked at the necklace he presented her, a simple silver pendant with an ouroboros symbol on it.

"And…" He said with a wide smile as he picked up the pendant and opened it. "It's a secret locket too."

She smiled a little as she looked at the picture inside of it, an image of Simon with a black haired boy a little older than Stitch, she touched it gently and fought back a tear that threatened to escape as she looked at both of their goofy smiling faces. "When you see him, tell him I miss him… so much…"

He kissed her head softly then he stepped behind her as she lifted her hair. "I will… And now you'll always have us with you." After he fastened the clasp he rubbed her arms affectionately, he knew staying here hurt her too… but she had to have a reason. She always did. "Come on." He said softly, no sense in delaying the inevitable any longer.

"Simon-love…" She turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I love you…" She kissed him deeply, it was going to be the last one and something told her it would be a long time before she got to see him again.

He hugged her to him and kissed her back, doing his best to express those words to the fullest. When their lips parted they rested their foreheads together and sighed… damn it all. "I love you too baby… I love you so much."

A knock at the door startled them both, Abigail stepped away and brushed the tears that were building in her eyes as she opened the door to a surprise of her own. "Kil-love…"

The masked man eyed her, she looked miserable considering she had been enjoying herself a bit ago. Had to admit it felt… a little bit more than extremely wrong to hang out in the hallway why she enjoyed her quality time but he did need to talk to her… at she's she good at keeping quiet, bed is a bit squeaky though… and that guy can keep up one hell of a pace… ok he really needs to stop thinking about it.

"Kil-love?" She repeated, he seemed to be acting odd… oh god… did he hear them?

"I need to talk to you." He said as he stepped away from the door. "Before he leaves."

Bon arched a brow as he grabbed his bandana and tied it on. "And am I going to be a part of this convo…"

"No, you can wait up top." He interrupted the man.

"I see you're just as charming as your Captain." He snipped, he's barely been on this ship for an hour and he still couldn't see what she saw in these people. "Abby sweetheart."

She nodded to him. "I'll see you off, wait for me."

"Always." He rubbed her back and kissed her forehead as he walked out the door, damn did that masked guy give him the creeps.

The two watched him go quietly, Abby took a step back and started putting up her hair. "So… ah, what did you need?"

His eyes stayed on her, he'd never seen her so… unsettled, and this was considering he'd seen her every time Kid came damn close to killing her. With a sigh he stepped into the room a bit. "Kid wanted me to tell you to get off his ship… leave with your man."

"Wha… what?!" She turned a bit too quick and bumped her desk, damn did it sting. The hair she was still fumbling with fell free. "Could you… ah… enlighten me on that decision."

He smirked a bit, the shock on her face was genuine and he knew her feelings already. He heard their conversation and knew full well what she wanted. "That what he wanted me to tell you…" He crossed his arms in front of him and leaned against her wall. "But he's a shit liar."

She rubbed the bridge of her nose trying to figure out what he meant. "I… ok. When I said to 'enlighten me' that didn't mean confuse me even more."

That gave him a bit of a chuckle. "He said it but only because I told him to let you go."

She gave him a confused look once again. "Why would you…"

"Because I thought it's what you wanted, obviously I was wrong."

"Yea… yea you could say that." She sat on her desk and gripped her forehead, this was giving her a headache. "What…" She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. "What do you think I should do?"

He had to admit he was a little surprised by the tone in her voice, she really sounded… lost. "Before I do that… who is chasing you?"

Her eyes got a little wide… well, shit… "You huh… heard…"

He nodded, smiling behind his mask. "Oh yea."

She laughed a little. "You could've at least tried not to make that sound creepy."

"No, creepy would've been getting aroused from the little moans."

"Oh I did not moan loud enough…"

"I didn't say it was your moans now did I?"

Her mouth opened to respond but his remark caught her off guard and she ended up laughing loudly. "Yea. That, ah… that's really disturbing actually." She needed that… everything got a bit too intense for a minute there. "Thank you…"

He smiled a little, she seemed more relaxed now. "You can thank me by filling in the blanks."

"Yea…" Damn it all… she wasn't expecting to have to tell these people this. "His name is Yaegar Faust… Captain Faust… and he's a bastard."

He could tell she wasn't in the mood to talk about it. "Just tell me, is he a threat to us?"

"To you guys?... maybe." She said honestly. "He wants me… in truth he wants women… all of them."

"Sounds like a hassle." Just dealing with the women they had on this ship could be a pain. "Why does he want women?"

"Not sure to be honest, never got a chance to ask him."

"But he did have you."

Her jaw clenched a bit at his wording. "Yea… yea you could say that… when you guys… when Eustass-love 'bought' me… I was on the run from him."

That he wasn't expecting. "He was close to you then?"

"I don't know, by that point I had been… free from him for about a month. My plan was just as I told you, I get bought by some rich bastard and rejoin my crew with the money I rob from them but you know the story from there."

He nodded a bit. "So if your original plan was like you said, rejoining your crew, then why do you want to stay on this ship? You're free now, nobody will stop you…"

"Because I don't want to…" She whispered it as she gripped the edge of her desk in frustration. "Don't get me wrong, I love my people… more than anything but they are safer without me there."

"They are safe but you put us in danger." He pushed himself off the wall and took the step towards her to close the distance. "Do you really need me to tell you why I don't like that."

She looked up to him with an apologetic look. "No and if you tell me to leave than I will… but I… I want to be here Kil-love… I want…"

"If you want to stay…" He put a large hand on her head and gave it a little squeeze. "Then become a member of this crew. I can forgive a crew mate that make stupid decisions and puts us in a bad spot, but I can't give the same forgiveness to anyone else." He let her go and turned towards the door. "The same goes for the Captain…"

She watched him go without another word but what he had said was going over and over in her mind… could she really do it?... Become a Kid Pirate?

To Be Continued…

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