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----Personal Information----

Name: Tulay Kurgan
Age: Looks to be in her 30’s
Birthday: April 10th (Aries)
Sex: Female
Species: Visored
Race: Soul
Nationality: Turkish/Japanese
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual  


Significant Other


Known Family

Bajram Kurgan – Father
Mizu Kurgan – Mother (Deceased)
Aysel Kurgan – Older Brother

---Professional Information----

Affiliation: None
Rank: None
Former rank: None
Partner: None


Height: 5'10” (177cm)
Weight: 162 lbs. (Est 73 kg)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Green

Gigai Form

-For everyday attire she dresses in ‘hippie’ skirts and simple tank tops with sandals. She does not like expensive things, preferring to keep her attire modest (in a sense). She wears plain gold cuffs and hoop earrings as well as multiple gold chocker necklaces, gifts from her mother when she came of age.

Visored Mask/Form

-Her mask is a grinning dog, she wears black leather pants with brown fur trimmed knee high boots. A matching fur sash hangs on her right hip. She wears fur lined steel bracers and a leather sleeveless shirt with a high neck.

---Distinguishing features---

-Large scar in the middle of her chest where her brother impaled her.
-She has paw print tattoo on both of her shoulders  


--She is a generally quiet person, preferring to spend her time training or in her garden. The modern world doesn't interest her, preferring to maintain an old world style of living that focuses on a combination of faith and strength.

-- In regards to her interactions with others she is skeptical of most people and chooses to listen and watch them before making a decision on them. She is very guarded and doesn't let people in easily.  She does have issues with men and women who don't show a level of modesty and becomes uncomfortable when faced with it.

---Combat personality---

She does not go looking for fights but she will not stand by if she sees someone in trouble, she will not attack somebody whose weapons are not drawn unless they are fighting hand to hand. In general she has an honorable and straightforward sense to her fights.

Major quirks/habits

- Hums to herself while she is working in her garden or around her home
-Chews on pencils

---Speech mannerisms---

- she has a slight accent that gets thicker if she's agitated


Zanjutsu Expert

She trains daily using her dual zanpakuto and is very skilled using them, it is her preferred method of fighting. Her attacks are based on solid hits that deal considerable damage.

Hoho – Practitioner

She does not have the ability to use shunpo, her speed his underdeveloped due to focusing more of her abilities on physical strength.

Hakudo – Practitioner

She has not shown much improvement in this field, despite her attempts at training. Her moves are much too sloppy and are that of a brawler than a martial artist.

Kido – Beginner

She is primarily self-taught in this field, relying on a scroll given to her by her mother. She can only perform low level spells efficiently for now but she wants to learn more, when she still attended the academy the instructors had told her she showed promise in the field.



Name: Avci Ay (hunter moon) & Hasat Ay (Harvest moon)
Type: Elemental Type - Earth


Hasat Ay is a large gray wolf with a scar over his left eye and steel bracers on each leg, Avci Ay is a large timber wolf with feathers in her fur and a tribal necklace. Both of their tails are longer than typical wolf tails and is more flowing.

The two spirits are very loving towards each other, often calling each other Karim (my wife) & Kocam (my husband). They speak to Tulay like she is a child, scolding her when she fails in anyway.

In their sealed state they look like two hunting knives that she keeps sheathed on her calves. They are completely identical, only Tulay can tell the difference.
-Sealed abilities:
Inc (Dig): She can manipulate the ground to move around her so she can travel underground or simply dig holes efficiently, which is what she typically uses it for to help planting.


---Command: Toplamak ve Bayram (Gather & Feast)

---Appearance: They grow into long fat blades with a spike at the tip of the sword & no guard.


-Zemin Kesici (Ground Cutter): She cuts a deep gash in the ground with Hasat Ay, it can be any materiel (concrete, brick grass ect). Then she can use Avci Ay to manipulate the cut section by bringing it up to use as a wall or wrap around her target.
-Parcalari (Sink): She forces both of her blades into the ground and splits open the earth to cause her target to fall into the fissure then she closes it on them.

Bankai: Her Bankai has not yet been achieved.

Reiatsu color: Light Green

Inner world:
Her inner world is a vast wheat field with a constant breeze, depending on her mood the breeze can be gentle or a gale force wind. Mountains can be seen off in the distance and the skies are always clear and blue.

She was born in the East Rukongai, 64th District – Sabitsura. Her life was hard but her father protected their family and they lived a life of simplicity. This is where her mother taught her how to work the land and her father taught her how to use a sword. Her father would tell them tales of the old world where he lived before he died and came to the soul society. She was fascinated by it and strived to develop her growing spiritual powers so she could become a soul reaper, her entrance into the Academy was three years after her brother and she strived to live up to the name he had already made for himself being a kido prodigy. She tried to stay close to him as their schooling progressed but he kept pushing her away and stopped visiting their home so slowly she began to resent him, thinking that he had abandoned their family.
During her second year at the academy she returned home to visit her parents, only to find Aysel there. He was covered in their blood and clutching their mother’s body, their father’s body was across the yard but he still clung to life. In a blind rage, thinking he murdered both of their parents, she attacked him but she was far from strong enough to go head on with him. When she awoke she was met with a strange man name Kisuke who explained that her brother had brought her to him to recover from the near fatal wound he inflicted on her, which had become a large scar in the middle of her chest. It was he who explained that her brother had been infected by an experimental virus created by Aizen, her brother had been contaminated on purpose but she was infected by accident when his freshly contaminated blood came in contact with hers during their fight. She was lucky that he had previously treated a group of shinigami years before but unfortunately she had to remain in the world of the living until she stabilizes and even then, being able to return to the Soul Society would be hard. With all the news she received it overwhelmed her and she blamed Aysel for destroying their family and tainting her, she stayed for a while in Kisuke’s underground training area till she could manage her hollowfication on her own.
She took to the mountains and lived in solitude for years to get herself under control until she felt she could face her brother and get vengeance for the death of their parents, it took her 2 years to find him still living in Japan. Her anger was renewed when she discovered he lived comfortably in a high rise apartment. It was there she confronted him and he told her of the events of that day and that their father had actually survived. She still harbors ill feelings towards her brother for the things he had done but she made an agreement with him to meet once a month. She moved closer to the city but still in an area that allowed her solitude and to keep her garden, from her she could sense spiritual pressure easily. She took it upon herself to patrol the city and help souls that had yet to pass over and defeating hollows where she could. She may not have graduated and become an official shinigami but she is determined to do what a Soul Reaper should.


"Don't you dare talk to me about faith when you have thrown yours aside." Said to Aysel

Random trivia

-She loves music but doesn't have the capacity to play instruments.
-She eats a LOT of vegetables, especially tomatoes.
-she writes a letter to her father every month that Ayzel delivers for her.
Tulay Kurgan Bio
This is still in the works but I wanted to upload it to show bunnywonderkitty aout a possible OCxOC ship ;)
A view only for her. by Z-Angaros
A view only for her.
This is a Commission I got from the wonderful AkubakaArts 

It is a companion piece to "A view only for him."
A view only for him. by Z-Angaros

Turpis  belongs to bunnywonderkitty 
A view only for him. by Z-Angaros
A view only for him.
This is a Commission I got from the wonderful AkubakaArts

It is a companion piece to 'A view only for her."
A view only for her. by Z-Angaros

Himawari belongs to me <3
I haven't been able to work on much art yet and I apologize once more. To anyone that watches the US weather channel you might notice the swirling apocalypse above Iowa (which is where I live) I haven't been able to turn my computer on bc I'm worried about the power surges :/ severe thunderstorms, tornados, collapsing roads, falling trees.... Not fun -_-*


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